King Seaways Cabins

When it comes to cabins there are a trio of options to choose from on King Seaways.

Commodore De Luxe Cabin

There are three types of cabin available on the King Seaways, each suiting specific desires and budget.

Choose from the budget-friendly Economy / Comfort class, the mid-ranged Premium class, or the luxurious Commodore De Luxe class.

Economy Class / Comfort Class Cabin with Sea Views

Value travel comes in the form of a Seaways cabin which comprises of up to four single beds (in bunk bed formation) and a small en-suite bathroom.

Economy Class cabins (formerly Seaways Class) are minuscule, with very little available floor space and a compact bathroom, but that reflects in the price.

Cabins feature bunk beds and can sleep between one and four people. Rooms come with bedding and towels, an en-suite shower and toilet, a small table, and a wardrobe.

The cheapest of these cabins has no window (an "Interior" or "Inside" cabin). For natural daylight opt for a cabin with a window out to sea. These are known as "Comfort Class Cabins with Sea views" and are available at a supplement.

The Economy Class cabin is an unashamedly budget option that is very popular with families with young children, single travellers, and those travelling on a stag or hen party.

Premium Class

Premium Class cabins (formerly Commodore Class) are mid-range options and offer with a few more creature comforts and more space than Economy Class. Besides the bedding and towels, an en-suite shower and toilet, and wardrobes, luxury comes in the form of a TV in the room, which is great if you have kids or like to keep up to date with the news. Room service is also available which is handy if you feel peckish. There is also a small complimentary mini bar stocked with a few cans of soft drinks and beer. A buffet breakfast is inclusive in the price.

Rooms sleep up to four people and offer slightly more space than Economy Class cabins.

Premium Class cabins are popular with travellers who missed out on Commodore De Luxe rooms due to not booking early enough. They are popular among older couples as well as families with older children who would be grateful for a TV to occupy the kids.

Commodore De Luxe Class

It does not get any better than the Commodore De Luxe cabins. Rooms sleep up to three people and offer everything Premium Class offers and more. There is loads of space, and the bathroom is considerably larger.

The cabin features bedding and towels together with an en-suite shower room. The shower room also came with a selection of toiletries which is handy if you forgot to pack some essentials.

The TV streams a reasonable selection of international TV channels. I even found a webcam channel streaming live footage from the front of the ship. There is also a DVD player, so if you take some DVDs along with you, these should be playable.

A telephone helps you keep in contact with the Steward Service.

Commodore De Luxe cabins are the most expensive grade available onboard, but they offer plenty of room, creature comforts, and access to a private, quiet lounge. These cabins are popular with those that crave space and comfort, those that wish to travel in style, or those who prefer quiet areas to relax in. These passengers tend to be older couples or couples travelling without children.

Commodore De Luxe Cabin Review

DFDS put me up in the crème de la crème of cabins, the Commodore De Luxe. As part of the Commodore De Luxe experience, all De Luxe cabins sit behind a metaphorical yet physical glass door.

The Commodore De Luxe experience is a 'ship within a ship' concept, where suites and an exclusive lounge are locked behind a door with access granted to those sailing in that class.

On boarding, my cabin steward showed me into the Commodore De Luxe area and then into my suite, before making dinner and breakfast arrangements for me.

The room is very spacious with plenty of space to move around. The bathroom was equally proportioned, and the addition of amenities meant I needed to pack fewer toiletries.

The TV provided background noise while I was in the cabin, and the complimentary mini bar inside the room came in handy too.

I found the best feature of travelling in the Commodore De Luxe class was the access to the Commodore De Luxe Lounge, reserved for suite guests only.

Commodore De Luxe Lounge
Commodore De Luxe Lounge

The Lounge is at the front of the ship and boasts views across the bow of the ship out to sea. Comfy chairs, a large TV, newspapers, magazines, and computer stations with Internet access furnish the room.

The most popular feature is the seemingly limitless supply of complimentary drinks, including tea and coffee, soft drinks, beer, and wine. A small selection of snacks are available in the early evening, and a small breakfast selection is available in the morning.

  • Variety of cabins
  • Comfort and cleanliness
  • Noise insulation


A trio of cabin grades are available on King Seaways, from cheap and minimal economy cabins through to luxury and spacious Commodore De Luxe cabins.

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(Photo credit(s) to David Fiske)
Disclosure: DFDS kindly supplied a half board mini cruise to Brussels, including overseas transfers and a hotel. I paid for travel to and from the Port of Tyne, UK hotel, car parking, incidentals onboard, and meals and incidentals overseas. The opinions in this article are my own.

Written by David Fiske

David first found his sea legs on a cruise around the Caribbean in 2009. Since then he's looked for any excuse to get back on the water which led him onto creating Mini Cruise Reviews as a way to showcase short min breaks that sail from the UK (on ferries or cruise ships).


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