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Planning a cruise ship or ferry-based mini cruise but have questions? My honest and detailed cruise reviews will help.

Welcome to Mini Cruise Reviews. Here you will find detailed cruise reviews covering sailings on ferries and cruise ships.

Hello, I am David and since 2010 I have sailed on a variety of ships to destinations in Europe and around the world. I write about my journeys online and in travel magazines.

I especially love to wax lyrical about mini cruises. They are perfect for most people. Never sailed before? Try a mini cruise! Sailed before but not with a particular cruise line or ferry operator? Try a mini cruise! Want to celebrate an occasion like a birthday, an anniversary, or even Christmas in a unique way? Try a mini cruise! Crave the finer things in life? The cheapest way to sail in the plushest of surroundings in a luxurious suite is on a mini cruise.

Recommended Mini Cruise Reviews

P&O Ferries Amsterdam Mini Cruise Review

P&O Ferries Amsterdam Mini Cruise Review

Amsterdam is the one destination I see people book time and time again. The city is easy to get around, has a vibrant culture, world-class museums, fantastic shopping, a great food scene and much more. Its canals are captivating as is the architecture.

The Amsterdam mini cruise is perfect for couples, families, groups and friends. If you want to let your hair down, visit Amsterdam.

P&O Ferries Bruges Mini Cruise Review

P&O Ferries Bruges Mini Cruise Review

If it is culture and architecture you are seeking then look no further than Bruges. This small city is easy to walk around and is full of great restaurants, excellent chocolate shops, interesting museums, parkland, and historic buildings, windmills, and gates.

The Bruges mini cruise is perfect for couples, families, groups and friends. If you want a healthy dose of culture (or chocolate), visit Bruges.

P&O Cruises Guernsey Mini Cruise Review

P&O Cruises Guernsey Mini Cruise Review

Have you considered a mini cruise on a cruise ship? It is a great way to dip your toes into the world of cruising without committing to a week or two at sea. They are popular with people celebrating special events (birthdays, anniversaries, and stag and hen parties) as well as those looking for a quick getaway.

The Guernsey mini cruise is perfect for couples, families, groups and friends. Visit the Channel Islands on the comfort of a cruise ship.

Who is David Fiske?

I am a cruise travel blogger, and I love spending time at sea. My earliest childhood cruise memory was sailing on a Scandinavian Seaways ferry (now know as DFDS) to Denmark to visit LEGOLAND Billund. My first cruise ship holiday was in 2009, and I have not looked back since. Besides blogging, I have written articles that have appeared in printed travel publications as well as online on websites and travel blogs.

I love travelling by sea for many reasons. It may well be the slower alternative to flying or travelling by train but sea travel offers a sense of freedom, glamour, and discovery alternative modes of transport cannot.

If you are in a rush to get to a particular destination, take the plane. I have done this and know first-hand that unless you are wealthy and can afford an upgrade it is not fun sitting in cattle class (otherwise known as economy class, where airlines cram passengers in like sardines).

However, if you have got the time to spare then try a ferry or cruise ship. Ships tend to sail on long journeys in the evening, sailing throughout the night while you sleep. The overnight trip means you might not lose much valuable time on your holiday as you may have first thought - and you will gain a very memorable experience on the open seas.

On this website you will find reviews of mini cruises with P&O Ferries°, DFDS°, and P&O Cruises.

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