DFDS LEGOLAND Billund Mini Cruise Review

Big kids can have just as much fun as the little ones, as I proved on a LEGOLAND mini cruise with DFDS.

DFDS LEGOLAND Billund Mini Cruise Review

In May I had the opportunity to try out a unique mini cruise sailing with DFDS from Harwich in Essex, South East England to Esbjerg on the West coast of Denmark. The twist was that the mini cruise included overnight accommodation onboard the vessel after spending half a day in Esbjerg city, followed by a day at the world famous LEGOLAND Billund theme park.

Sirena Seaways

DFDS Sirena Seaways Review

A blend of freight and passenger services, Sirena Seaways is a cosy ship with a strong sense of family onboard.

Commodore class cabin

Sirena Seaways Cabins

A trio of cabin grades are available on Sirena Seaways, from the pocket-friendly to the luxurious.

Men By The Sea artwork

Guide to Esbjerg, Denmark

If you are heading to Denmark, make sure you take a look around Esbjerg, a small city with a rich maritime history.