LEGOLAND Billund Guide For Children

Kids obsessed with LEGO will love the attractions at LEGOLAND Billund, the original LEGO theme park.

LEGOLAND Billund claims to have over 50 activities across the park but it felt like there was much more than that.

The park caters for children of all ages and has rides for the very young right through to more intense thrill rides such as Power Builder, where you can control your own ride, rollercoasters and water rides.

The park is split up into eight distinct themed areas.

Miniland offers real world scenes in LEGO-sized formats. Iconic locations from around the globe have been recreated using millions of LEGO bricks and all scenes feature an interactive element, or sounds and motion. Buses and trucks drive, boats sail, trains tootle along, and even the airport runs to a strict schedule! New for 2011 was a Star Wars scene featuring a massive AT-AT, Stormtroopers and the iconic pair of R2D2 and C3PO.

The famous LEGO train runs around Miniland as well as the popular Driving School, where children aged seven to 13 years old can drive LEGO cars on a realistic roadway.

Also check out the LEGO Safari ride and the Miniboats ride that takes you past amazingly detailed LEGO replica statues and sights from around the world, such as the Statue of Liberty.

Duplo Land caters for youngest guests and features gentle rides suitable for parents and young children to go on together. A trip on the Monorail is a must for a bird's eye view over the park.

Airplane ride in DUPLO Land
Airplane ride in DUPLO Land

Pirate Land is self-explanatory, featuring pirate themed rides! The multi-dimensional pirate ship swings back and forth but also turns side to side too. There is a pirate ship ride where you can squirt water at passers-by - but be warned as they can also squirt water back at you in several places too! You will also find a small water park that is weather dependant where children can splash about, perfect on a hot sunny day.

Imagination Zone offers kids the chance to get close to sea life in the Atlantis ride, where a walk through the Sea Life Centre follows a short LEGO animation presentation. There are also water based amusements which are interactive and perfect for burning off excess energy!

Sea Life centre
A LEGO inspired Sea Life Centre

The Cowboy and Indians themed area, Legoredo Town, is a classic. Pan for gold or ride the coasters. There is even a camp with authentic wigwams where I watched as guests toasted marshmallows on an open fire. Seasonal country and western concerts take place here although these were unavailable during my visit.

Adventure Land is where you will find Egyptian themed rides such as The Temple and Jungle Racers - large scale LEGO swamp boats that you control as they spin around.

Knights' Kingdom is the castle themed area offering a couple of rides and a themed buffet restaurant. It is also host to a seasonal water show which was unavailable when I visited.

Lastly, LEGO City is home to the flagship ride, Falck Fire Brigade, where families compete against each other racing in a LEGO fire engine to put out a fire. The amazing thrill ride Power Builder is also located here where children can program the robotic arm ride to move in whichever way they choose, creating a programme for the arm to thrash, rotate and tilt the passengers in all directions.

Falck Fire Brigade
Falck Fire Brigade ride

On top of the rides there are plenty of food and drink outlets serving everything from snacks (ice creams, doughnuts, pancakes, candyfloss, coffee, etc.) to full meals (buffet, hotdogs, chips, pizza, chicken, grills, pasta, etc.). Prices are reasonable and in line with typical theme park prices. There is also a selection of shops and boutiques selling LEGO toys and merchandise.

Some rides have restrictions, but the park has been well designed, offering enough to satisfy all age groups from very young toddlers right through to teenagers. Queues were never too long - the longest I queued for was five minutes at the LEGOTOP, which offers fantastic aerial views over the park.

Rides last a few minutes, which helps keep the lines short and children happy! Nothing stops you from re-joining the queue at the end of the ride for another trip if you wish.

Overall, LEGOLAND Billund is great fun for kids of all ages and it is somewhere I would happily visit again with children. The only difference is next time I would rather stay at the on-site Hotel LEGOLAND as part of a longer package to Denmark.

Now take a look at why LEGOLAND is great for adults too.

Route closure: In 2014, DFDS ceased operating its Harwich - Esbjerg route, and its LEGOLAND mini cruise breaks. To travel to LEGOLAND Billund or Denmark by sea from the UK you now need to go via France or The Netherlands.
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  • Something for everyone


There is no denying that this theme park has been built with kids in mind. Queues are generally short, rides are great fun, and there is something for everyone.

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(Photo credit(s) to David Fiske)
Disclosure: DFDS kindly supplied a half board mini cruise to Esbjerg and LEGOLAND Billund. I paid for travel to and from the Port of Harwich, car parking, and incidentals onboard and overseas. The opinions in this article are my own.

Written by David Fiske

David first found his sea legs on a cruise around the Caribbean in 2009. Since then he's looked for any excuse to get back on the water which led him onto creating Mini Cruise Reviews as a way to showcase short min breaks that sail from the UK (on ferries or cruise ships).


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